Early Access Games to Watch – They are Billions

They are Billions is an upcoming game by Numantian Games best known for Lords of Xulima. It is currently in closed beta and will soon be coming to Steam early access on 13th December. It is a strategy game set in a steampunk future about building up a colony and then defending it from a massive swarm of zombies. The game is eventually going to have a campaign but at the moment will be launching with a survival mode.

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Dune 2 – My first Real Time Strategy Game

My very first strategy game I ever played was Dune 2 on our Amiga PC. It blew my mind. Before that most of the games I played were all about controlling your character or characters and death was the end of the game or time to load a save, suddenly I was thrust into a world where you oversaw a whole army and many of your soldiers were not going to be coming home. Continue reading Dune 2 – My first Real Time Strategy Game

Spellforce 3 – Preview

Spellforce 3 recently had a free weekend ahead of its release on GOG and Steam which I took part in and I thought I would share my thoughts on it. Spellforce for those who are unaware is an RTS/RPG hybrid series of games. The original Spellforce: The Order of Dawn was released in 2003 and had two expansions and then a sequel was released in 2006 Spellforce 2: Shadow Wars which also had three expansions. I was a huge fan of the first two games and had a lot of fun with them, so I was intrigued when I heard that they were making Spellforce 3, this was tempered a little bit by the fact that the last two expansions released for the second game (Faith in Destiny and Demons of the past) were not nearly as polished as the rest of the series, but as it was a new studio creating this one I went into the open weekend a bit of optimism. Continue reading Spellforce 3 – Preview

Battlefront 2 – Review


Star Wars Battlefront 2 is a difficult game to review. First of all its star wars so you already have a very passionate audience and then to top that the game is full of 2017 most controversial features microtransactions and loot boxes. But underneath all of that, there is a more refined and more complete shooter than 2015s Star Wars Battlefront that still is sadly lacking a strong narrative. Continue reading Battlefront 2 – Review