Kingdom Come Deliverance – Thoughts

Kingdom Come Deliverance was released earlier this week and so far I’ve managed to put in just under 20 hours into it and I thought I would share my thoughts so far.

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The Joy of Not Finishing

There is something about finishing a game which is amazing you get the satisfaction and sense of achievement of completing a challenge plus a resolution to the story you have been following for the last however many hours, but I think there is something to be said for not finishing them either with no urgency or maybe not at all.

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Game of the Year 2017

There were so many good games that I enjoyed this year I decided to pick the games that my girlfriend enjoyed watching me play rather than try and pick my favourite. I am not including the games we played together as the easy winner would have to have been Mario Kart on the Switch cause even a soulless monster would find that game fun.

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Dune 2 – My first Real Time Strategy Game

My very first strategy game I ever played was Dune 2 on our Amiga PC. It blew my mind. Before that most of the games I played were all about controlling your character or characters and death was the end of the game or time to load a save, suddenly I was thrust into a world where you oversaw a whole army and many of your soldiers were not going to be coming home. Continue reading Dune 2 – My first Real Time Strategy Game