Kingdom Come Deliverance was released earlier this week and so far I’ve managed to put in just under 20 hours into it and I thought I would share my thoughts so far.

Kingdom Come Deliverance is an RPG set in the medieval kingdom of Bohemia. The game has a bit to live up too since it was partly funded through Kickstarter and with any game that a random Joe has put money into the development of there are expectations to live up to (some reasonable, some not).

Heading into the game I was trying to balance my hopes for a realistic and engaging medieval story with the fact that this was a game with a relatively low budget and also the studio (Warhorse Studios) first release, I have to say that so far I am really happy with the game. It reminds me of a type of game that I used to see a lot of on the late 90s and early 00s an ambitious and complex game that is a bit janky but you can enjoy all the same, you play it noticing bugs and having some of the animations not being as good as a “triple A” game but you don’t care because it’s giving you experiences that those games would be too scared to try as they might put off focus groups. I realise that this could be said of a lot of indie games now but it’s still unusual for an open world RPG with a few exceptions (Elex and Technomancer come to mind). Sometimes I guess you don’t need to play the best game you just want something different.

To get back to the actual game it is a first-person game with a fantastic combat system that I still don’t get fully but when I manage to defeat my enemies gives me a sense of satisfaction that you just can’t get from Skyrim or even the Witcher 3, in both those games you are something more than the ordinary in this game your just Henry. The story has been interesting so far and the real historical events from an area of the world I don’t know that much about is very interesting. You will need to make sure to feed and rest your character or suffer penalties but this is not a survival game and these are always very easy to manage. One of the features that have really liked is the different way people react to you based on how you dress and whether you have blood or mud on you, there are lots of little touches in the game like this that reinforce and encourage your immersion.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Screenshot 2018.02.17 -
This was a tough fight……

My main issues so far I have seen repeated online a few times, the difficulty of the lockpicking mini-game and the save system. The lockpicking issue could just be me being terrible at it but in all the games I play it is definitely the hardest to master version of picking a lock. The save system relies on you having the alcohol saviors grace in your inventory to save the game (outside of sleeping or sometimes sparsely placed autosaves) this can be a problem as the drink is very expensive to buy at the start of the game and while you get given a couple to start you can end up doing what I did and saving as a habit and wasting them. I don’t think the system needs to be removed but perhaps a change to the price of the drink or adding a save on exit for when life gets in the way would be a benefit.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Screenshot 2018.02.17 -
…… but not nearly as hard as trying to lockpick

Overall I would say if you don’t mind a few bugs such as getting trapped on some stairs or the potential for some quest-breaking ones (I have not had any but that doesn’t mean that they are not there) I would recommend this game but for some people it might be worth waiting for some patches. But as long as you can go in there with an open mind and enjoy it for what it is (fun and a bit different) and remember what it’s not (a big budget “triple A” release) you will be confused yet having fun in no time.

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