My year in gaming (Febuary Edition)

Here are the games that have dominated the start of the year so far for me. Its a nice mix of games some old some new.

Assassin's Creed Origins Screenshot 2018.01.23 -

Still, have not finished this and finding more to enjoy. More games series should take a year off.

Far Cry 4 Screenshot 2018.01.03 -

Getting ready for Far Cry 5

ReCore Screenshot 2018.01.31 -

I did not give this a long enough go the first time I tried it. Always good to find some nice platforming.

Subnautica Screenshot 2018.01.27 -

One of the best survival games out there and early access success story. Surprising amount of terror in those oceans.

Total War WARHAMMER II Screenshot 2018.01.28 -

Skeleton Pharaohs are all the excuse I need to jump back into this.

Warframe Screenshot 2018.02.04 -

Put a bit of time in this game a few years ago and found it a bit meh but after hearing Jim Sterling go on about it gave it a second try and I am not regretting it.

Can’t wait for some of the new releases this year and I have really been enjoying revisiting some games I did not give enough of a go the first time.


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