Game of the Year 2017

There were so many good games that I enjoyed this year I decided to pick the games that my girlfriend enjoyed watching me play rather than try and pick my favourite. I am not including the games we played together as the easy winner would have to have been Mario Kart on the Switch cause even a soulless monster would find that game fun.

Runner-Up: Player Unknown Battlegrounds

A tense and suspenseful affair for even those just watching someone play, this is not a hugely startling choice considering how many successful PUGB streamers exist on twitch. This is a surprisingly fun game to play with someone watching even if my girlfriend randomly likes to yell “Is that someone” to every second bush, the second pair of eyes and ears always helps. It is also a game with a name that is more than a little stupid (I get why its called that but its still a bit of a mouthful) so I generally just say “it’s the game where you jump from the plane at the start and if you win you get a chicken dinner” and then she remembers which one I’m talking about.


Winner: Horizon Zero Dawn

An amazing looking and hugely fun game, there are many reviews out there listing what is amazing about this game but for me it was most impressive that they were able to construct an open world game that was fun to explore and do side quests which are something that has been more and more lacking in recent years with a few exceptions.

Oooohhhh Shiny

My girlfriend was a big fan of the world “really pretty” and characters “cool costumes” and enjoyed the well designed and amazing looking robot dinosaurs that you could override and make fight on your side plus it was a lot less bloody than some of the other games I played this year (looking at you Wolfenstein II). Also, Alloy was a likeable protagonist and a bit of a badass.


Special Mentions: Dying Light

Not from this year I know but this continues to be one of the only games I play with large amounts of blood and gore that my girlfriend enjoys watching and it is amazing how good hitting zombies is after a day at work. Plus the more I play the more I find little bits of humour like this.

Dying Light Screenshot 2017.12.16 -
Well played Dying Light



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